Beware of the Saboteurs of Your Weight Loss Program!

When you start a weight loss program, you would definitely want to have as many people that are close to be supportive of your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, this idealistic mindset is almost impossible to achieve in this imperfect world.

There are to be saboteurs in each and every little endeavor you choose to take in life and that includes your weight loss program too!

This should not dishearten you to abandon your weight loss goals, but what you need is to strengthen your willpower and resist those subtle and malicious suggestions or responses they make whenever you reach a specific milestone on your path towards a slimmer body and a healthier lifestyle.

Why does this happen?

Well, the reason why these people adopt such a response to your success is that they are afraid of losing something once the goal is attained. If it is a spouse, he or she may feel threatened by your new look and that you will appear more attractive to others. If he or she is a sibling, then they may feel uncomfortable with losing a friend to share the good food they use to enjoy or they can stem from the feelings of jealousy.

This is also apparent if your best friend is sabotaging your weight loss program, they may fear the fact of losing you to a new and improved circle of friends once you get all the weight off.

Here are some clues to use if you want to see if they belong to this category of saboteurs

1. Offer you Fattening Foods
This is one neat trick that can make you fall to their plans and be a victim of these weight loss saboteurs! Over time, they may shove you with your favorite food and offer something that used to be your personal cravings. Thank them and refuse to have any of them.

2. Negative Comments
Some small remarks such as” You can never stick to your weight loss goals” or “ You look good being fat!” are simply some of the tactics employed by these tricky characters!

3. Catch you Doing Something Forbidden
They have a habit of keeping an eye on you and then merely to jump onto something you did that is on the contrary to your weight loss program.

4. Constant Criticism
They have a habit of criticizing everything you can and how you decide to manage your weight loss program.

So how do you face these characters in your life? They are the people dearest to you and you can’t simply shove them aside. Well, what you can do is to simply ignore these remarks, and move on with your weight loss program.

You can make some attempts to reassure them that things will not change and will be what it used to be in the past. What is changing is only your weight and your lifestyle and you are doing it for your own well being and your health.

Shouldn’t your happiness be what is more important to them than their fear of the unknown?

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Weight Loss: How to Maintain Your Success

Losing weight can be a challenging task, and when you have achieved your weight loss goal, how do you maintain your success and keep those extra pounds off for good? Here are some good suggestions:-

Eating Habits

The first thing you can do is to make sure that you maintain the diet lifestyle that you used previously to lose all that weight.  Obviously in order to gain considerable success in your weight loss program, you have made certain changes in your food intake and eating habits.  Now is the time to permanently inculcate those habits into your lifestyle.  If you get back to your old eating habits, you will definitely pack on the extra pounds again, and this time, due to the metabolic and chemical changes that occurred in your body during the initial dieting, is will be harder to lose them the second time around.

Correct Mindset

You need to condition your thinking patterns into believing that you will keep that weight off after a successful weight loss goal has been achieved. Those thoughts will assist you in develop healthy eating habits that will help you maintain a trim and healthy body.  Self affirmation; visualizations and meditation can help you to get into the right frame of mind to achieve this end.  By developing the right mindset, you can keep yourself from reaching out to grab the next mouthful of your favorite custard pudding at the next family get -together!


This is a crucial step in any weight loss program.  Without proper exercise, you can never achieve long term success in your efforts to lose weight.  Select the right exercise that you can enjoy, have loads of fun doing it and gives you a great workout at the same time.  There are plenty of exercises you can select from but do talk to your physician before embarking on any rigorous physical activity.

Support Group

Sometimes what you need is that extra dose of motivation to keep you going on your weight loss program.  A public proclamation isn’t always necessary, but putting your integrity and your pride at stake by sharing your weight loss goals with a few of your close friends or family members can go a long way to keep you focused on those weight loss program.  Remember to choose wisely, and do not share them with those who have a negative attitude and who will most likely dampen your enthusiasm to lose weight.

Losing weight can be an exhilarating process, if you know the right way to do it and have fun in the process.  Remember, you will always gravitate towards things that brings you pleasure, and if you want to make your success in weight loss permanent, make the process fun and rewarding by take the necessary step to inculcate these four tips we share into your lifestyle.

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